Keith Jones Karate

Our tuition schedule is a simple monthly plan with no contracts or hidden fees!

We encourage first time visitors to take advantage of our introductory offer which includes two full training sessions and a uniform for only $25.

Rates start at $75 per month allowing for up to three training sessions per week. We appreciate and encourage family support and participation, family members can train for an additional $40 a month per family member.

In fostering overall growth, we do not charge for belt advancement testing until a student is prepared for the black belt test. 

Our Classes


Younger students will find classes especially beneficial as they learn skills in respect for both themselves in others. The art of Karate forms a strong foundation in discipline and self-control with confidence building as students progress through belt ranks.

All students will benefit from increased health, self-defense skills, and the sense of accomplishment as new abilities are discovered and nurtured.   

Keith Jones has been involved in the martial arts community for over 28 years and is currently ranked as a Seventh Degree certified Wado-Ryu instructor. During his journey in the Wado-Ryu discipline, he has earned four undefeated national Wado-Ryu fighting championships as well as two National Wado-Ryu Kata champion titles.

Rachel Pavlu Bombardieri has been involved in the martial arts for over 26 years and is presently ranked as a Seventh Degree certified Wado-Ryu instructor. She has been providing instruction in the art of Wado-Ryu Karate for more than 20 years. Though currently retired from formal competition, Mrs. Bombardieri has enjoyed past success in both form and sparring events, holding titles in both categories.

Our History

Our classes offer instruction in the traditional art of Wado-Ryu Karate. Classes are structured to provide for almost any age level from 5 to 95 including a diverse class schedule to accommodate busy lives.   

Karate is an excellent option for improving anyone’s overall fitness level. Classes are welcoming to everyone including the first time child athlete, soccer dads, working moms in need of stress relief, and everyone in between. All that is necessary to succeed with us is a willingness to train and have a great time in the process.

Current Black Belts: 
Rob Moore - Fifth Degree 
Josh Hanna - Third Degree
Mark Vinkler - Third Degree
Turner Williamson - Third Degree
Alexis Williamson - Second Degree
Ben Staton - First Degree
Emily Epperson - First Degree